Quick meat sauce Italian pasta dishes

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  1. chop finely the carrot, piece of celery, and white onion
  2. brown in Virgin Olive olio,,then add the ground meat,, (if the meat has some fat in it,,taste better) let this brown a bit too,,,use a large flat cooking pan, skillet..
  3. add...canned tomatoes...that are in Small pieces..not the creamed tomatoes...2 cans ofItalian red tomatoes if possible,,size of cans 400 grammi, add half can of hot water and let cook, when you see the sauce bubbling,,turn down and simmer,,make sure you stir...,--add some salt,,no peper..remember the pasta is salted ,,so dont add too much salt in the tomatoes..
  4. while tomatoes are cooking,,prepare hot water for cooking pasta..any kind is good with meat sauce..but short pasta is easier to serve..penne or,,fusilli are great,,because they are twisted around and the sauce stays on them. pasta is cooked by time..read the time on the pasta sack,,10 mins is an average time..don't over cook pasta,, it must be AL'DENTE..meaning when you bit it,,its not gummy
  5. amount of pasta to put in the boiling water/100 gr./person if this is your main dish,,50 gramms if this is just the first dish in your menu,check the pasta,,by chewing a piece of it..then drain of all water,,I put the pasta in the pan where I cooked the sauce ,because mixes good,,but if you dont want so much sauce on the pasta,,then you spoon it on the top of the pasta...and you will probably have sauce left for another day. Buon appetito,Paris Lutge
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Quick meat sauce Italian pasta dishes