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Huge Disappointment

1,0 en septiembre 30, 2015

My husband & I were looking for a little getaway, this looked from the pictures to be the perfect spot. Let's just say you can't always trust a picture! There were no green spaces at all, the cabins were very rundown, and inside was not any better, dirty bedding & rust on bathroom fixtures. The only door to the cabin would'nt even close all the way! If you want to stay in Galena, look elsewhere. D.F.

Fun weekend getaway!

3,0 en enero 25, 2015

We loved the ambiance of the little cabins away from everything. It's rustic... So if you are looking for the Hilton, this isn't the place for you. The cabins are adorable... And had everything we needed. I am an alpaca lover... And was a little disappointed that they weren't friendly enough to come up to the fence... So we really didn't get to interact with them. We stayed on a cloudy winter night, so we didn't get to see the stars... But we were definitely away from the lights of the city. I'm sure that on a clear night, it's beautiful. I would stay again and suggest it to anyone that wants something just a little off the beaten path!

We loved it and will be back

4,8 en junio 13, 2014

It was a birthday surprise for my girl friend. She was so happy and we both loved it. We just wish that we could have enjoyed a nice walk on the trails, but the gnats were so bad. There bad everywhere. We have them at home. I think we will be coming back in the winter and do a little hiking. Thanks for everything. Beautiful cabin. Larry and Debbie.

Would come back

3,0 en junio 07, 2013

It was nice secluded; however outside upkeep could have been better. Inside of the cabins was nice. Bathroom could have used some work. It is a whirlpool bathtub possibly could fit 2 small people.

Fun for Four

3,6 en abril 12, 2013

We spent the night in the cabin with another couple and had a lot of fun. We went into Galena to have a great dinner and listen to a little live music. If the weather had been better, we would have enjoyed using the grilling area with the fire pits and picnic tables. All four of us would like to go back again.

A Great Birthday Weekend!

5 en julio 31, 2012

My wife and three year old son spent a wonderful few days at the Galena Log Cabin Getaway. The cabins were lovely! They were clean, the staff was very friendly and very informative. I didn't put marks for dining as they do not offer this service. Do yourself a favor, getaway to Galena!


3,2 en noviembre 27, 2011

This was a nice getaway for us and our dog. The woods were a great place to walk and see nature. Belle loved walking in the woods. The cabin was a welcome change from your normal "cookie cutter" hotel. Close to Galena but just far enough away to enjoy the peace and quiet. Alpacas are adorable! Will be back again .

Go for the Alpaca viewing

2,8 en octubre 20, 2011

Log Cabin getaway was sufficient. If you are looking for cheap and OK accomodations this is the place. Log cabin cute and adequate, beds were good, however couldn't keep the fireplace going and the coffee maker was not in working order. Also, poor lighting made it difficult to read. The breakfast consisted of a banana , yogurt and a really bad packaged sweet roll. It was neat to have an alpaca peering in our kitchen window in the morning. Never seen that before!

Anniversary getaway

3,2 en octubre 19, 2011

The cabins were quaint, and the setting was okay, personally, I would have liked it better if the pasture was not right up against the cabins. It made it seem like we were in a feed lot. Ruth and Frank were very nice. I am also sure that they are right in line with the rest of the area, price wise, but I did not feel that the cabins were worth what we paid.

absolutely wonderful

4,0 en septiembre 29, 2011

My Husband and I finally got to make our first trip out to Galena and we stayed in the cabins. We loved them they were very cute and quaint very well maintained. The breakfast baskets were nice just enough to get you up and going in the morning. The property owners are very nice and helpful also very willing to make your stay with them as comfortable as possible. The cabins were very clean and have everything you need for a relaxing getaway.

Wonderful getaway

5 en septiembre 14, 2011

This was a wonderful place and our only regret was that we did not have enough time off to stay longer. The cabin was lovely with comfortable beds covered in gorgeous quilts and even smelled fabulous, and the alpacas and puppies are adorable. The whole place is delightfully quiet and out of the way while at the same time only a short drive to all the activities the region of downtown Galena and surrounds has to offer.

Fabulous, cozy and fun

5 en agosto 15, 2011

My fiance and I spent the weekend at these adorable and well-maintained cabins. The group of cabins might look simple from the outside, but they are so beautiful and comfortable inside. Beds were comfortable and bathroom was clean. The cabin was very spacious and plenty of room for 4 in the cabin we stayed in. Breakfast baskets were great and just enough to get you going in the morning. We also loved looking out our windows to see the alpacas roaming around. It was a fabulous visit to Galena and the cabin really added to the experience. We will definitely be back.

overnight stay

4,0 en agosto 05, 2011

the cabin was very nice. it was raining that evening and the next day so we didn't really walk around.

Not exactly a great value proposition

1,8 en julio 18, 2011

While I get it that these are log cabins, I think a bit more care could go into the units. There were quite a few centipedes, earwigs and ants all over the place. They must spray the cabin or something because a lot of them appear dead in the bathroom in the morning. Frank does put some good effort, but he could do much more without investing a lot of $$. The water tastes very metallic, and even though we brought our own bottled water, even for brushing your teeth or showering there was quite a bit of an aftertaste. The alpacas are nice animals, but they pee and poo, and the place smells a bit (not overbearing) but if you have kids they will have a hoot feeding/walking them. A table where to sit around would have been nice. The cost of the extra "bed" was excessive; in reality it was a folding mattress and the linen was not exactly the cleanest. The coffee maker was full of dead critters. The breakfast basket was not exactly my choice of breakfast food, and with just a few more bucks it would have made a big difference. You have a pair of binoculars with the room that work great for stargazing; in a good day, Frank's telescope is also a nice thing to try. The cabins are in a nice area though, you can do a lot of bird watching and walking around as there are plenty of trails. The place is a 10-min drive to Galena which was great. The place is much smaller than what the pictures suggest, but reasonable for up to 4 people. Driving around the area I came to realize we did pay too much for it. I suggest you get a printed brochure from the tourist info area and see your options. If you're into alpacas, dogs, stargazing, bird watching... this is the right place for you. If you prefer cleanliness and comfort for a relaxing time, look elsewhere.

Lost in the woods

2,6 en julio 18, 2011

The Galena Log Cabin Getaway is a difficult place to find yet for some worth the trip. I found it to be charming in a way I wasn't ready for, the cabins themselves are very rustic on the outside and moderately modern on the inside. I couldn't get the TV to work and never called anyone, it wasn't that important to me. The animals were a delightful touch and very cute to look at. Just make sure if you book a trip to the cabins to bring some house slippers, you need them inside the cabin.

Excellent bed, mediocre breakfast

3,4 en julio 09, 2011

Alpacas were grazing right outside our cabin, for the enjoyment of our kids, while keeping the privacy of our cabin intact. The availability of the BBQ allowed us to dine outside. The hiking trails were well maintained, but we didn't see much interesting. Overall the stay was very enjoyable at this secluded farm (but 3mn ride from Galena). The only negative was the breakfast basket, which had only processed food (pastries and artificial yogurt) except for some bananas one of the 2 days. Quite disappointing on a farm ...

Galena Getaway

3,0 en junio 02, 2011

Very nice getaway. Unfortunately, the weather was awful and we weren't able to enjoy the surroundings. With taxes was $215/night (felt too much). No real dining to mention. The morning breakfast baskets are nice touch. We also didn't realize cabins were adjoined and we were awaken by our neighbors. Regardless, enjoyed our time away from home.

Great Relaxing Getaway

5 en abril 16, 2011

My wife and I really enjoyed the piece and quiet. We enjoyed the local history and atmosphere of Galena, IL. We also enjoyed sitting out behind the cabin in the evening looking at the stars and listening to the frogs and coyotes. We would recommend Galena Log Cabin Getaway to anyone who wants to take a step back from the fast paced everyday grind and be refreshed while spending time together in a wonderful rustic Log Cabin with all modern ammenities.

Log Cabin Getaway

3,0 en febrero 22, 2011

Wonderful place to go if you want nothing but alone time.

Nice getaway, but a little rough around the edges.

3,2 en febrero 20, 2011

We really loved the secluded log cabin feel and fireplace. The alpacas were also a unique touch, but we never felt as though we could interact with them due to the fencing that separated us and them. The picture of the alpaca walking in front of the cabin is misleading. But the owners were very friendly and helpful. The only major complaint that we had was that the whirlpool hot tub would only fill with metallic smelling, rust colored well water! No matter how much you ran it or for how long... which we didn't want to do for very long, so as not to waste water... it remained stained like the tub and smelled like a rusty pipe. Other than that though, the place was romantic, rustic, and very relaxing.

Not disappointed and a repeat customer

4,2 en febrero 14, 2011

We ran across The “Dissapointed” post and felt compelled to respond. We are repeat customers of Galena Log Cabin Getaway and were very surprised to read the comments posted by Disappointed. In all our stays, covering multiple seasons and multiple cabins, we have NEVER seen a cockroach. Growing up as a city boy, I certainly know the signs of an infestation. I question whether cockroach excrement can be definitively identified from an I-phone screenshot. One could have a possible career as an etymologist if able to do so. In all seriousness, perhaps this person’s imagination ran away a bit. He started out his post commenting on his first impressions and how clean the towels looked, and even smelled fresh. By the end of the post, the same towels are covered in droppings. How could that be? The cabins are surrounded by dense woods. That is part of their charm. One will see lady bugs and other occasional insects in the cabin, depending on the season. These have never been more than a minor, and frankly, expected nuisance. I do recall at least one time when the owners asked if the lady bugs were a problem and offered to spray. It was not necessary, our cabin was fine. I do recall another time when I found a small wasp nest near the door. I informed one of the owners, and in less than 10 minutes she was back with some spray and took care of the problem. We would like to conclude by saying that Galena Log Cabin Getaway is just as advertised. They are replica pre-Civil War cabins set in a rural environment. If people come with expectations of a high end Napa Valley style Bed and Breakfast, then they may come away disappointed. If you come looking for a quiet, unhurried stay in a beautiful natural setting, managed by very caring and attentive owners, then you will not be disappointed. You may end up being repeat customers, as we are.


1,8 en enero 07, 2011

My wife and I brought our 18 month old to the Galena Log Cabin Getaway over New Years. When we first arrived, the cabin met expectations. It looked like the pictures, had satellite TV, working microwave and refrigerator, and fireplace. I was a bit disgusted to see a cockroach lying in the tub on its back -- legs still twitching -- but quickly disposed of it. The heat was on and the place was warm, which was key given the cold weather. I did an initial scan of the place -- towels and sheets looked/smelled clean. There was some light debris in the various corners of the cabin suggesting a sub-par cleaning job, and even some dead ladybugs behind the nightstand, etc. The real bomb was dropped the next morning. My wife went to take a shower and as the water ran down the water-stained tub, a good amount of dirt went with it -- suggesting the tub had not been clean in weeks. She also noticed cobwebs in the corner of the shower wall. Meanwhile, I was taking a look at the television and noticed something on top. Upon further examination I deduced it was animal dropping. Once I had zeroed in on it, I scanned the rest of the cabin for others. To my disgust, the droppings were everywhere. On the floor, in the tub, on the towel sheets, under the bed, on the TV, etc. I thought they could be mouse droppings, and being obsessive google'd on my iPhone re: droppings. After 30 minutes of research, I identified them as cockroach droppings. My wife and I were disgusted, and left the cabin to hit downtown Galena. On waking up on day two we decided to head back to Chicago. We knew on NYE day we couldn't spend another night. My take is the place is "interesting". The cleanliness was completely sub-par for any establishment, however. And at $200 a night, given the cleanliness, it was a complete ripoff. Needless to say, we will never go back. What's most confusing is we know two other couples that have been there that said they had a favorable experience.

unique, classy, and family friendly

4,0 en enero 01, 2011

this getaway provides a unique log cabin experience without having to rough it in any way. i would recommend this experience to young lovers, old lovers, and famlies alike.

Rustic down home stay

2,4 en octubre 31, 2010

If living on an Alpaca farm only a mile or so from the Mississippi is your thing then the Galena Log Cabin Getaway is for you. The cabins, each named after a famous revolutionary or civil war era hero, are comfortable and cozy. But a few more ammenities would make the price seem much more appropriate. The Breakfast in this B&B is a couple yogurt cups and a packaged danish, hardly what we were expecting. And while the Alpaca farm is just what it says, it could use a bit of upgrading to make it a bit more like the inn it purports to be. While we don't know what the going rate for a room is in Galena, my overall experience says this one is over priced. One key feature we appreciated -- they accept pets ( for an additional charge).

A Magical Experience

5 en octubre 20, 2010

The cabins are picturesque, warm and welcoming, the alpaca are adorable and the breakfast baskets quaint. As we were on a business trip from the UK, we only had the weekend to explore, but it was well worth the drive from Chicago. A must do trip.

Review of Galena Log Cabin Getaway

2,8 en agosto 24, 2010

The cabins were neat and clean, loved the loft and rocking chairs. We also enjoyed the alpacas and quiet location. However, for the cost - unexpectedly over $430 for two nights (NOT the cost as stated on-line) - we did not expect well water, no hot water, and several wasps in the room. Nice for a change of pace and quiet...

Galena Log Cabin Getaway


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