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A Little Slice of Heaven en Crazyhorse Ranch & Lodge (West Baden Springs, Indiana)

5 Último comentario publicado el julio 13, 2015

We spent three nights at the lodge and other family members stayed in the campground. The place is beautiful and the family that runs it couldn't possibly be nicer. The steaks and the chicken are delicious and i have it on good authority that the salmon is awesome. We made new friends and we will definitely be going back for horseback riding.

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Great balance of horse and people amenities en Crazyhorse Ranch & Lodge (West Baden Springs, Indiana)

5 Último comentario publicado el diciembre 08, 2014

I had planned to stay for a few days. Was meeting friends who were taking my horse down South with them. Traveling alone, in the rain, and in the dark, my alternator blew approximately 20 miles from the lodge. Dan did not even hesitate when I called him. He and Chris immediately came to my rescue, safely moving my truck and transferring trailers,taking care of my horse as only horse people can. Within 24 hrs, they had found me a mechanic and had me back in working order! This, together with amazing accommodations, phenomenal homemade cooking and steaks, huge grassy horse pastures & wide trails, made this one of the most delightful and eventful horse vacations. Please visit. Can't say enough about Dan and Sandy and their beautiful place.

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Amazing! en Crazyhorse Ranch & Lodge (West Baden Springs, Indiana)

5 Último comentario publicado el noviembre 02, 2012

My new favorite place without a doubt. Peaceful and beautiful. Dan was great and the steak was by far the best we have ever had. So much fun. I highly recommend it! You will not be sorry.

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Best darn bed and breakfeast anywhere en Crazyhorse Ranch & Lodge (West Baden Springs, Indiana)

5 Último comentario publicado el julio 21, 2012

Me ((melissa) and my sis (debbie) stayed here on 07/17/2012, and i have never felt so more at home than anywhere in my life. We are defintely coming back ever year. If you want a place to go with a down at home attomosphere you found it here, if not then you dont know what living is. Heck we were almost tempted to ask for jobs there and not go home. you guys are number one in our books. thanks for great time!!!!! melissa henderson

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Great Staff, Great Rooms, Great Food.... But... en Crazyhorse Ranch & Lodge (West Baden Springs, Indiana)

3,6 Último comentario publicado el diciembre 11, 2011

We just spent the weekend with another couple at the Lodge. We were just looking for a place that was off the beaten path, and somewhere we could just relax, hang out, and enjoy good company. The Lodge was nicer than expected. The website photos on the Crazy Horse website do NOT do it jusice at all. The rooms are very nice, the food was great and the staff (dan and his wife) were more than great... but... There was one part of our trip that was not up to our expectations. EVERYTHING BUT THE ROOMS are EXTRA. Now, we assumed that dinner and breakfasts, etc. was not included in the room. But, Everything else is also extra. So, what they failed to mention on their website was the cost of the other activities, etc. Now, I am not in any way complaining, I just thought that it should be in the brochure, you know? In all, we would stay here again year after year, and would highly reccommend this place to anyone. I just want everyone to be sure that they factor in about twice the room price for the weekend. (including meals, etc.) - T & J from Indy

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An Amazing Retreat....in every way! en Crazyhorse Ranch & Lodge (West Baden Springs, Indiana)

5 Último comentario publicado el julio 30, 2011

Words can't describe the beauty of the place, the peacefulness. The inconsistent ATT cellular signal made contact in and out with my cell phone spotty.....that alone was a gift. It meant my daughter got my full attention.....and the quality of our time together in two days was better than that of the weeks preceding it....with all the "busyness" we let fill our lives. My daughter has had some horseback riding experience, but not a lot....and now that we have met Dan, Sandy, and James.....I realize she doesn't know as much after 2 weeks of horse camp as she learned in three hours of riding with them. I have always been a little afraid of horses....but Dan earned my trust immediately! On the second day I wanted to go faster and didn't want to stop....neither did my daughter even though she was had been a little intimidated on day 1 with her first time experience riding " in the forest"...as she described it. That night, they let my daughter practice in the ring, and she was so ready for day 2. The photos I captured of her increased pride and confidence bring tears to my eyes. The perfect back to school "pre-work" every child needs to succeed. The best part.....a real opportunity to think and reflect....and realize that we spend too much time and energy on things that won't matter later....and this working mom is taking the other fork on the trail from this point forward.....our next visit is already booked! P.S.....food, accommodations, people.....all a rarity! Thank you to Dan, Sandy, Chris, and James!

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Far exceeded expectations en Crazyhorse Ranch & Lodge (West Baden Springs, Indiana)

5 Último comentario publicado el junio 24, 2011

I travel for a living and have stayed in places from Fairbanks, Alaska to Miami, Florida...I have stayed in Ritz Carlton resorts and am a Marriott Platinum client and all I can say is that I have been completely surprised by the experience my wife and I had at the Crazyhorse. Dan stayed up till 11pm to guide us in for a late arrival...whe we got there, James - the "Sam Elliott" of ranch hands had a campfire burning and was ready to pull a guitar off the wall and jam for us. I was on a business trip and had my wife with me - I was concerned that the next day when I had to get up and leave for my job, that my wife would be bored waiting on me to get back- however Sandy, being an excellent hostess, took her around, cooked her breakfast and kept her great company till I got back from work. I only wish we could have stayed around for another night- I wasn't aware of how popular a place this was and how quickly weekends book up or I would have opted for another evening. Bottom line: A great getaway just far enough off the beaten path - to relax and reflect. I would highly recommend to any couple looking for a taste of the west nestled inside a woods filled, clear sky'd southern Indiana setting. If you are bringing the kids, make sure they understand that this isn't an X-Box techno filled world, but a taste of life that all of us need a little more of to keep our sanity!! Thank you Dan, Sandy and James! See you again soon....Happy Trails!

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Nice place, with a Host with an attitude! en Crazyhorse Ranch & Lodge (West Baden Springs, Indiana)

4,0 Último comentario publicado el junio 18, 2011

NOT as great as I had hoped! The place itself was very nice, but Dan was NOT the friendly, people person I expected! (Matter of fact, he seemed like a jerk deep down inside, TRYING to be friendly and accommodating!) While he was made sure we had everything we needed, He seemed very rude in many ways and missed a few things that needed to be covered on our "tour". First of all, I didn't get to stay in the rooms I had wanted due to a mistake where they had EXPECTED me to stay for 2 days where I only wanted 1. While I understand they were not happy I was only staying for 1 day, I was unhappy that I didn't get the rooms I had wanted, and ended up having to stay in the cabin (which was very nice, though)....and Dan didn't need to mention that in front of all 4 of my kids! It said that nowhere on the Website that there is a 2 night minimum for the Lodge, and I don't feel that it needed to be mentioned to me there, since it was THEIR mistake. There was 4 wheeler-riding, but all we ended up being able to do was drive up and down the driveway, due to weather. First of all, I was there with 4 teens (one almost 21), and each of them had expected to be able to drive, after speaking with Dan and being assured they could. EVEN THE 1 THAT WAS ALMOST 21, They all had to ride with me, the only adult. They had not expected that, as we were never told that in the 1st place.....which was upsetting to all 4 of them. However, the breakfast was very good...only bacon, eggs, and bisquits and gravy, but it was very good. (We weren't able to eat dinner there, as I wish we had!) And, I have to say also that Sandy was a very nice lady...very friendly, accommodating, and very much a "people person". Chris (the "ranch-hand") was a very nice man also.

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Girl's weekend trip en Crazyhorse Ranch & Lodge (West Baden Springs, Indiana)

5 Último comentario publicado el mayo 16, 2010

Great hospitality by the proprietors. The food and accomodations were amazing. The trail riding was outstanding in a beautiful area and I learned lots about horses. I would recommend this to anyone and everyone! Paige

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Definatley Return Soon! en Crazyhorse Ranch & Lodge (West Baden Springs, Indiana)

5 Último comentario publicado el noviembre 16, 2009

This was a weekend getaway for my husband and myself a much needed one since the birth of our first child! This was a very private, peacfully relaxing weekend! I would recommend this location to all. Dan was a great host that went out of his way to make sure we had all we needed during our stay. He is also a great cook! We ate breakfast & dinner at the ranch and it was excellent! The steak was the biggest and tastiest steak! We will be returning soon this was a great weekend get away that I would suggest to all if you enjoy the country and some much needed relaxation.

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Can't Wait to Return... en Crazyhorse Ranch & Lodge (West Baden Springs, Indiana)

5 Último comentario publicado el noviembre 04, 2009

We enjoyed our recent stay and plan to return. The property is well kept, the hottub was relaxing and the cabin was clean. Dan and Sandra were extremely accommodating to our needs. We enjoyed the ATV and grilling out on the front porch via the moonlight and fire. If you enjoy the outdoors, this is the place to stay! Just minutes from all the local activities.

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Great place, Great folks en Crazyhorse Ranch & Lodge (West Baden Springs, Indiana)

4,4 Último comentario publicado el junio 13, 2009

Dan and Sandy went out of thier way to accommodate us when we called at the last minute. The "cabin" was a delight and dinner was delicious. We were made to feel right at home. My daughter and I had a great time. In fact, French Lick has been renamed to "Dan and Sandy's". I'm sure one of our upcoming road trips will take us right back soon.

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